More Presents and Tissue Paper Flowers

A couple weeks ago (or was it months?  I can't remember), a good friend had her bridal shower.  I made something special for her, was so excited for her to get it, then I got the stomach flu and didn't get to go to the shower.  Wah, wah.

She finally got her gift last week.

Complete with tissue-paper flowers...

And homemade tag with envelope! (I love these so much I may have to make them again!)

I really wanted to make something for her to give in addition to her registry gift but was stumped for a bit on what to do.  Her and her hubby-to-be are moving after the wedding and I didn't want to get into anything too bulky that would have to be transported.  AND who knows what colors she will be decorating with since they don't know where they are living yet.

I ended up making these simple cloth napkins and reversible place mats.  I was relieved to find out that they would match the dining room in their new apartment nicely.

from Macy's
Her registry had this really pretty green and white vase by Lennox, so paired with that and the cute napkin rings to tie the whole thing together (in addition to the plates, silverware, etc that she will probably get off of her registry), this lady now has a table setting.

It was so simple, and part of me was sad to see it go.  I just love the way it all came together...and that harvest-gold-flowered fabric...*tear*


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  1. I love that fabric! I keep stopping and touching it whenever I am at the fabric store. I need to just buy some! What a wonderful gift.