Update and Stationery Card

Things have been a little busy here at the K household, understandably so.  I have been pretty lax about posting here at CircusBerry.  Not to say that I have not done any post-worthy activities, I just have not had the time to put anything up.

A phone call from my mother the other day lit a fire under my tush.  She gently pointed out, "What the heck?  Your description says 'Mama to Moira'...what about Ronan?  You need to update that!"  Thanks, Mom.

So along with me updating my 'description' about myself, thought I would share the birth announcement that I created about a month ago but only ordered from Shutterfly today.  See, I am not just lax about CircusBerry, I am lax about everything.  Really, the truth is that I had about 6 different announcements and I did not know which one I liked more.  I finally bit the bullet and picked one.

I am a big fan of Shutterfly for printed materials that I would not do at home.  Last year for Christmas we gave the grandparents a photo book of Moira.  It came out beautifully and was recieved well by all.

I also love the coupon codes and discounts.  For example, an order that was over 150$ is now just over 90$.  

I took the pictures for the announcement about a month ago.  I spread out a white blanket on my bed and did a little photo shoot experiment with Moira and Ronan.  Moira had a blast, Ronan was patient and good-tempered, and I got a TON of pictures.  Here are some of my favorites.

Doesn't this one look like he is gonna pop her in the nose?

See how it would be so hard to decide?  Once I figure out some of the Photoshop basics I intend to print many of these out...someday.


Stationery card

Happy Baby Boy Birth Announcement
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