Pin cushions...finally!

I have been sewing since I was about 15, making wrap skirts and boxer shorts, and always using my mother's tools. When I was 21, I got my first sewing machine, along with the basic tools a sewer needs...with the exception of pin cushions (that's okay Mom, it was still a fab gift!) Eight years later and I still have no pin cushions--until now!
I have realized the value of pin cushions after dropping my little plastic container of straight pins on the floor too many times...followed by a string of curses...followed by crawling, carefully, around on my hands and knees trying to collect pins...followed by another string of curses.
I got the pattern from a Better Homes and Gardens special publication...Bags, Pillows, & Pincushions (2009). A great little magazine, especially since I am experiencing a love affair with pillows lately (although, I don't ever know which pillows to make first!) Different for me though, since it contains a lot of quilting and I am a rookie at the whole quilting thing...So I used some fabric scraps from clothes, place mats, napkins, etc... in my favorite color BLUE! I am quite pleased with how they came out.
No more crawling on my hands and knees, swearing, to pick up pins!


Farmers' Market and First Link

If I could have any job in the World, I would want to be paid to taste food. Even though it was a hectic day from the moment I woke up, there were lots of yummy things in my day...starting with making my Italian-style greens to bring to the hubby at work for lunch. Sooo good, it is a wonder I don't make them more often (oh, yeah...time).

A trip to the Downtown Buffalo Farmers' Market resulted in the purchase of a huge bag of fresh Kettle Korn, 2 pints of the best blueberries I have ever had, plums, apricots, zucchini, and a loaf of Garlic Herb Bread (to go with the greens, of course). I ate so much Kettle Korn and blueberries by the handful as I was sewing, it is a miracle that I did not get sick and was able to eat any dinner. I absolutely love zucchini and next year there will definitely be zucchini growing SOMEWHERE in my yard, who cares if I have it coming out of my ears by the end of the season.

On that note, I did say I was going to post a link in this entry...good practice. My very favorite recipe site (and favorite magazine) is Cooking Light. Currently they are featuring a whole slue of zucchini recipes and now I just have to figure out which one I want to make...and keep enough plain for Moira (my baby girl) to have her first taste of the summer goodness.

That was easy...


My First Entry and Pictures

Here I first blog. My husband would ask me, "What is your output objective?" I just ask myself, "So what is this all about?" Well, I am passionate about my crafts, my family, my travel, and especially my cooking and I have made the decision to document and celebrate my achievments in those areas. It has taken me about a week to gather up the nerve to even begin writing, as I don't consider myself a good writer, but hell, who cares, right? I am beginning my blogging journey. During today's entry I have learned how to upload photos (good, right?). Having trouble figuring out how to move them easily though...another time.

My real reason for writing today is my current "project" (one of MANY, which is almost finished)... the front porch. My husband and I have lived in this house for 5 years now, and anyone who owns a home seems to have the same outlook...there will always be something to fix, redecorate, paint, repair, rebuild, etc. The front porch has been lacking in the area of relaxation, retreat, style, you name it. Finally I decided it was time to make it a place to enjoy. Sooooo, a little bit of paint, Mr. Clean, some new rugs, a couple of pieces of porch furniture, and FABRIC have started to transform the area. I have to admit, I AM LOVING IT! Now I need to put the bike somewhere else...



The porch swing cushion and the chair cushions are both from the book Pillows by Katrin Cargill that I borrowed from the library. I never thought sewing pillows would be so much fun! I am also making one for the cedar chest at the end of our bed...will definitely show more pictures after that one.

Next entry...adding a link.