My First Entry and Pictures

Here I first blog. My husband would ask me, "What is your output objective?" I just ask myself, "So what is this all about?" Well, I am passionate about my crafts, my family, my travel, and especially my cooking and I have made the decision to document and celebrate my achievments in those areas. It has taken me about a week to gather up the nerve to even begin writing, as I don't consider myself a good writer, but hell, who cares, right? I am beginning my blogging journey. During today's entry I have learned how to upload photos (good, right?). Having trouble figuring out how to move them easily though...another time.

My real reason for writing today is my current "project" (one of MANY, which is almost finished)... the front porch. My husband and I have lived in this house for 5 years now, and anyone who owns a home seems to have the same outlook...there will always be something to fix, redecorate, paint, repair, rebuild, etc. The front porch has been lacking in the area of relaxation, retreat, style, you name it. Finally I decided it was time to make it a place to enjoy. Sooooo, a little bit of paint, Mr. Clean, some new rugs, a couple of pieces of porch furniture, and FABRIC have started to transform the area. I have to admit, I AM LOVING IT! Now I need to put the bike somewhere else...



The porch swing cushion and the chair cushions are both from the book Pillows by Katrin Cargill that I borrowed from the library. I never thought sewing pillows would be so much fun! I am also making one for the cedar chest at the end of our bed...will definitely show more pictures after that one.

Next entry...adding a link.

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