Here I am...

It has been well over a year since my last post and for the past few days I have been thinking of revisiting Circus Berry and seeing what happens. Here I am...
Several of "little gems" have turned up in the past year, some shiny and some not so shiny. Becoming a stay-at-home Mom and crazy home-managing-house-wife is one of those gems that was not so shiny at first (having got into this position because I lost my job), but is fairing well for the time being. Another little number 2 on the way, due June 13.

With springtime around the corner and Easter coming up, I really wanted to create something to "spruce up the house with Spring" without the visit to Pier One, Pottery Barn, or even Target. After all, I am trying to get rid of things and limit spending on things that are not necessities (however, the need for Springy-Easter decor is debatable!). Soooo, this is what I am working on now...
I picked up a (scrawny, ugly, wicker) wreath at the Dollar Tree, had some quilt batting and brown yarn on hand, and started my wreath. I cut the batting into strips and wrapped it around the wreath, securing with hot glue. I wrapped the yarn around sort of randomly at first, but intend on making it a little neater as I go. Stay tuned. I am not sure how I will decorate my yarn wreath yet, but I have a feeling it will come to me...maybe in a funky, weird, pregnancy dream!


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