Leaves...Lots and Lots of Leaves

With the cold weather coming and going, and rainy days here and there, I have been inspired to start the fall crafts and homemade Christmas gift frenzy. However, with limited time in my day that can be dedicated to such things, it has been slow going. In the past couple of weeks, I have (almost) finished Moira's Halloween costume...YAY...and it isn't even the middle of October yet! And for some fall home decor, I made this wreath from Dollar Tree supplies.
I suppose I could add some ribbon or some other trim to it, but I love the simple, yet chaotic, look of it. This one will stay just as it it...and I will likely make more...This is what I did:

1. Got my supplies from Dollar Tree--one floral wreath form and several bags of artificial leaves. I bought several but you probably only need 2 or 3. You will need a glue gun or craft glue to stick the leaves on. I started with straight pins and finished with a glue gun.

2. Start from the inside bottom of the wreath and pin/glue your leaves around one side. Once at the 'top', start back at the bottom and pin/glue your leaves around the other side. Remember to overlap your leaves. Keep doing this, working inside to outside, up each side, unitl the wreath form is covered.

3. Fill in empty or thin spaces with leaves. I liked keeping my leaves all facing in the same direction...down toward the center.

4. Find a fabulous place for your fall wreath...and something to do with the left-over leaves!

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