Itty Bitty Freezer Paper Projects

I have been wanting to freezer-paper stencil some tops for Moira for a while and have been inspired by the fabric painting projects done by Angry Chicken and The Artful Parent that I found while searching for ways to dress up plain old T's, onesies, and other fabric thingies. I experimented a couple of months back on some old 'shorts' that I wore every time I went camping. I figured, "Hey, if I mess up the only person/thing that will see it is my family and the bears/deer/chipmunks." They turned out pretty well, so I now feel confident enough to stencil something that I would put Lil' Babes in.

I used some green striped, unisex, onesies that I got as a gift for Moira several months back...and yes, she is JUST fitting into them. With Halloween around the corner, I decided cats and pumpkins would be in line for my next freezer-paper stencil project. I got some ideas from clip art and the Internet but drew the designs myself...and since I was chomping at the bit to see how they would come out, and didn't get to the store to buy fabric paint in other colors, I just used the black fabric paint I had on hand. It truly is the easiest thing to do. Now I need to be careful not to start stenciling EVERYTHING that is without a pattern/design, embellishment in my/my husband's/Moira's closet. (I do wonder what my husband would say if he pulled out one of his work shirts and there was a stenciled A-S [Algonquin Studios] on it...hmmm.)

1. Draw and cut out your design onto the matte side of freezer paper using an exact-o knife.

2. Iron the freezer paper onto your fabric, shiny side facing the right side of the fabric. It helps to also put freezer paper onto the inside of the fabric, shiny side facing the wrong side, so that your paint doesn't bleed through.

3. Paint inside of the stencil with a stencil brush or sponge.

4. Let dry overnight.

5. Peel away freezer paper and iron over your design one last time. Ta-Da! You are all set to go...

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