Recovery Week and Silly Hat Day

Being sick is the pits.  After weeks of thinking I was safe from the stomach flu Moira had over a month ago, it hit me...early Sunday morning.  What a bummer.  I missed my dear friend's bridal shower, my hubby left for business on Monday leaving me the only caregiver (and he got the bug Monday afternoon while away for work...double bummer), and something-that-feels-like-morning-sickness has resurfaced.  I am hoping that last part is just the recovery from the nastiness I experienced Sunday and doesn't actually last the next 10 weeks!

Needless to say, I did not do NEARLY as much as I wanted to do this week.  But funny how a visit from an appraiser to your home will whip your sick butt into gear (thank goodness I didn't have too much cleaning/tidying to do).  And funny how being sick will make you open all of your windows in your house everyday to "get the sickness out", even when it is 34 degrees outside.  I love fresh air!

Here are some other things I DID do:

Had a dinner-date at Panera with Moira.  She was such a good girl...

Started some refashioning of old clothes that were slotted for Goodwill.  Stay tuned to see what I do with THIS...

Made (or I could say assembled) a silly hat for Silly Hat Day today at daycare.  She is so proud of this hat (although, it was like pulling teeth to let me get a picture of her in the hat).

Now, my house is (mostly) clean and my day is open.  I don't even know where to begin...


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  1. I hope you are all better soon!!! I love Moira's silly hat!! Too cute!